Purchasing With Confidence


Having over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate sector and working with many overseas customers allows us to understand that starting the process of buying a property in Turkey can feel daunting. Choosing to purchase with our support means we ensure the process of acquiring your new home in Turkey is with confidence.

We work closely with our developers and sellers to ensure that all properties marketed by us are in a legal position to be sold and clear of restrictions of sale. During the buying process we will provide you with regular updates and work to ensure that everything goes through without a hitch.

We do this by providing the following services with all sales as standard:

  • Check that the property seller/representative or property developer owns the title deeds to the land/property or has the legal right to construct and sell property upon it

  • Check all licences and official permits for the property have been correctly maintained

  • Create a pre-contract snagging list to ensure finish before sale completion

  • Assistance in arranging flexible payment terms with builder if available

  • Support in opening of Bank Accounts, Military Clearance and Tax number applications, and notarisation of any relevant documents

  • Check the property is clear of debts & any restrictions of sale

  • Assistance in purchasing compulsory Earthquake insurance

  • Complete all checks and enquiries to the correct title deeds being transferred to you

  • Assistance in the set-up of all utilities and services

  • Ensure that the seller has cleared any debts on the utilities and closed their account

  • Provide a complimentary post sale property clean

  • Provide regular updates, to enable you to follow the progress of your purchase from home

  • Plus our Welcome pack is delivered to your property for your first visit

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