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Living & Traveling In Turkey

  • Eid In Turkey: What Does That Mean For Me?

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    It's Bayram or Eid time also called the sacrifice festival. A quick piece on what it means to be in Turkey During Kurban Bayram.
  • Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mübarek from All at Aegean Dream Homes

  • Ramadan / Ramazan In Turkey: What does that mean for me?

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    Today the month of Ramadan begins – but what does that mean?
  • Year Round Summertime For Turkey



    Turkey will not be setting the clocks back on October 30th.

    Inline with a changes brought in by the parliament Turkey will not be not putting their clocks back 1 hour as inline with European countries. The change is set to save the country around 2.5 billion lira ($805 million) in electricity bills. 

    This means that Turkey will for 6 months of the year be ahead of the UK by 3 hours. We hope this will cause no problems to you in the long run but advise anyone with flights or transfers in the coming days to double check pick up times with tour operators. 

    So a full year of summertime - doesn't that just sound like a great excuse to treat yourself to a holiday during the cooler months?