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Have you dreamt of buying a holiday home but don't know where to start? In a series of posts, we'll introduce you to the processes of buying a property in Turkey and how to avoid some common mistakes made along the way.

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Part One – Finding Your Dream Home (In just 5 simple steps)

Large detached luxury villa in kusadasi surrounded by gardens.
Have you dreamt of buying a holiday home but don't know where to start? In a series of posts we'll introduce you to the processes of buying property in Turkey and how to avoid some common mistakes made along the way.


Part One – Finding Your Dream Home In Turkey (In just 5 simple steps)


1) The key to finding your dream home in Turkey begins with simply knowing what your dream home is.

As tempting and exciting as it is to jump on to the web and start to look at ‘Villas for sale in Turkey’ not knowing what you want from the property or its location can lead you to so many options in condition, resort or financing that you’ll end up with the type of headache you’ll need a holiday to get over.


2) Know your budget and the costs involved in purchasing property before you take a look at what’s available in your favourite resort.

We’ve met many clients who know where they want their Turkish holiday home, an idea of what type of property they want and even how much it’s likely to cost. They’ve searched property websites such as Rightmove.overseas and put everything together but haven’t considered their budget or the costs above the purchase price.

Not knowing your total budget and the expected expenses of buying often leads to the disappointment of finding out the particular property you wanted is no longer in your price range.


3)  Research resorts and areas that suit your finances and the type of holiday or lifestyle you’d like.

The same type of property in a popular resort can cost much more than in an undiscovered or up and coming one. Likewise finding a superbly priced villa in the heart of a lively resort when you’re looking for relaxing holidays with fantastic views isn’t going to turn out to be such a bargain after all.

Many people make the mistake of keeping to just one resort when using website search facilities. Find out if there are any other resorts near buy and work with an agent who services both areas. Your dream home could literally be just a few kilometres away.

4)  Take time and enjoy looking into all the properties for sale, use google and popular overseas property sites to find Estate agents websites and explore what they offer not just in properties but in their services too.

It’s important to remember however that agents often have properties not yet loaded onto the web and these could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Email and discuss your needs. A good agent will work with you to build an idea of the type of properties are areas you like and make suggestions based on this. A bad agent will try to push you into inspection trips to show properties and even ask for a deposit before you come.


5)  Arrange a viewing trip only with an agent you’ve built a rapport with.

Viewing trips should be relaxed and flexible. They should not be crammed full of houses that you’ve not shown an interest in seeing.

A good agent will listen to the feedback you give on the properties he shows you and makes suggestions based on this. Be open to their recommendations – you never know they might have just agreed to market your dream home whilst you we’re flying over.

Take time to mull over the houses and don’t be afraid to ask to see it again and even once more the day after too.


Taking your time to consider your needs, desires and finances can make finding your dream home a breeze. With the right assistance buying a property in Turkey can be an easy, stress-free experience. Part 2 to the 'How to buy property In Turkey' series introduces the buying process. You can make sure you don't miss out by signing up to the blog feed now.


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