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We've spent some this week reflecting on how we reach out to potential customers and the work involved in presenting our company locally and internationally. 

It was clear to us that it's time to hit the reset button and focus on what we really like to do: that means concentrating on the website and advertising platforms for her and customer contact for him. 


Property advertisements, seller and buyer needs, and quality service is the root of what we do, and it's what matters most for us. 

In the modern world of constant online presence, there can sometimes be pressure to think that all businesses need be on every social platform available to man: A need to push their brand and scream out to say this is us over here, notice us, please!

We had a go in the past, didn't like it and then felt the pressure again to give it that one more try, but actually, it's not our style. 

So with that in mind, we've decided to take offline all social media accounts associated with the estate agency and concentrate on what we think being an estate agent means:

Striving to keep our website and the online platforms we use up to date.

Sending out newsletter updates, including feature properties that we think shouldn't be missed.

Focusing on customer service with the customers who come to us through property advertisements and the most important to us, customer referrals and recommendations. 


Referrals and returning customers mean everything to us because it means we did something right. But of course, not everyone wants to Up / Downsize. So the bread and butter of our business rely on new customers discovering us. 

We could keep trying the social media side of things active, but we're confident at this point that it's not for us, and most importantly, we dont want to do it all - we just want to do it right!


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Being an Aegean Estate agent is what we know. Akbuk, Altinkum, Izmir and Bodrum are areas we're experts in and serving customers who are looking to buy or sell property in these areas are what matters to us. We want those customers to find us and be sure we care about working with them to find their dream home not concentrating on having the best social media account and branding. 

Nowadays web searches matter a lot and Google harnesses so much of the power of potential business and customer and business matching. So we'd like to ask anyone who has ever used Aegean Dream Homes / İsa to buy or sell or property, or if he's ever solved an issue you've had surrounding property in Turkey that you'd spare a minute popping a review on to our google business page. You can see our

New customers searching for an estate agent in the Altinkum can find us and see the properties we currently have listed online through this listing. 

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Suppose you would like to make sure you keep up to date with what's happening for us business-wise, the properties in our portfolio or are you considering buying/ selling property in the Aegean? Please feel free to sign up for the email newsletter here: 


Thank you for all your support 

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An agent for over 15 years and with a father in the industry, Real Estate is in the blood. Isa is a fully licenced and registered Level 5 estate agent, and using his wealth of experience alongside continuous feedback he requests from clients strives to maintain a Turkish Real Estate company he believes people would want to use and recommend and, most important, enables the customer to feel confident and secure in buying a property in Turkey.

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