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So today's the day we're finally opening our blog!..... Drum roll, please!


But why is An Estate Agent in Altinkum blogging?

We want to create an informative but easily accessible website.

We don’t want to fill the pages with masses of facts about the history of Turkey, there are some superb Travel guide sites and books out there for that.

We want to give you content that will help you to feel informed, help you decide if Turkey is the right country for your investment and how to get the best out of it.

To do that we need to make sure that our information is current and we hope adding a blog to the site will help us to do that.

And so going forward you'll see us add some information here and there and even the odd sneak peek at some of the houses we’ll be marketing. 

We don't know how much we'll post we just hope to keep you up to date.


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Aegean Dream Homes By Isa Eker

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Managing Director

An agent for over 15 years and with a father in the industry, Real Estate is in the blood. Isa is a fully licenced and registered Level 5 estate agent, and using his wealth of experience alongside continuous feedback he requests from clients strives to maintain a Turkish Real Estate company he believes people would want to use and recommend and, most important, enables the customer to feel confident and secure in buying a property in Turkey.

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