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Strolling through Istanbul: The Classic Guide to the City

By Hillary Sumner-Boyd & John Freely


The book to buy for any homeowner in Istanbul! Sumner-Boyd and Freely take the reader through the city by foot. Not a weekend or short trip guide but a must for those on longer trips or that will visit over and over again.




Offering several walks throughout the many districts of the cosmopolitan city the book helps us to take in the many sites and antiquity on offer including the usual suspects including Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque and many that are not covered at all in your standard travel guide and without spending hours studying a map or getting lost in the famous alleys and side streets surrounding the most frequented tourist attractions.



The walks are set out into chapters and the authors direct us either around or within the city’s monuments whilst informing us on the history and architecture.


The authors are very clearly well informed and researched. John Freely has penned over 30 books including travel guides and books on history and science. Strolling through Istanbul was originally written alongside Hilary Sumner-Boyd in the 1970s and updated in 2010 in line with a number of changes the city has seen in that time.


The book is interesting and informing read to pick up even before one set foot into the sprawling metropolis, but it can at times feel a little academic and presumes the reader has a ready knowledge of architectural terms and knowledge of the history of Istanbul.


Many of the sites are fascinating but the odd few could easily be missed out should the reader want to. The biggest downfall may be the lack of information on how long each individual walk may take.


The book is a great addition to the library of any who has purchased or is looking for property in Istanbul.



Strolling Through Istanbul: The Classic Guide to the City


Strolling Through Istanbul: The Classic Guide to the City


Available for the first time since its original publication thirty-seven years ago, this classic guide to Istanbul by Hilary Sumner-Boyd and John Freely is published in a completely revised and updated edition. Taking the reader on foot through Istanbul, the European City of Culture 2010, the authors describe the historic monuments and sites of what was once Constantinople and the capital, in turn, of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, in the context of the great living city. Woven throughout are anecdotes, secret histories, hidden gems, and every major place of interest the traveler will want to see. Practical and informative, readable and vividly described, this is the definitive guide to and story of Istanbul, by those who know it best.


Paperback, 544 pages

Published January 19th 2010 by Tauris Parke Paperbacks (first published January 4th 1987)

Original Title

Strolling Through Istanbul: The Classic Guide to the City

ISBN1848851545 (ISBN13: 9781848851542)

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