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Buying Procedures


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Whatever your reason for buying in Turkey it’s one that should be taken with great consideration. Buying a property in Turkey is a wise decision provided you have the correct support and follow the process carefully.

Buying Procedures

Buying Property In Turkey

Viewing trips give you the opportunity to see the properties and areas that you have discovered online. They should be relaxing, without any pressure and flexible to your changing needs. Should you find a property to buy they will likely become the starting point to your sale. You should therefore make sure you have the means to pay a deposit on a property with you. Further details can be found in our Viewing Trips section.
Sales Contracts & Deposits
A ‘Satiş Vaadi sözleşmesi – A Promise To Sell Agreement, is a preliminary agreement of sale between the Seller and Buyer. It reflects the total amount to be paid and the payment schedule to be followed. To be legal binding it must be signed, notorised and presented to the Title Deeds Office. To complete the contract you'll require copies of your passport and the agreed deposit payment.
Financing & Mortgages
Mortgages to foreign nationals are available from a number of Turkish banks however rates and requirements vary significantly. A number of our developers offer payment plans with attractive rates and these can be arranged during purchase. For more information on financing see our Mortgage section.
Tax Number Application
To enable you to buy property and open a bank account in you'll require a Tax Identification Number. This number is easily obtainable from local tax offices with two translated copies of your passport.
Opening A Bank Account
To pay the property's bills and for easier payment of the property you’ll need to open a bank account. Opening a bank account requires copies of your passport, a Tax Identification Number and a document proving your address. There are a number of bank accounts in Turkey with English speaking staff who’ll assist you with all your bank needs. For example: Deniz Bank & Garanti Bank
Military Clearance
To purchase land or property a buyer must make an application to the Land Registry office and have clearance from the Turkish Military. The application process currently takes around a few weeks however if the land has previously been cleared for foreign purchase we can apply for the previous searches to be applied to your sale therefore making the procedure complete in a much shorter time. More information on the purchasing restrictions can be found in our Legal section.
Earthquake Insurance
All properties in Turkey must have relevant earthquake insurance called DASK. This can be arranged through any insurance company with a copy of the original title deeds and details of the postal address and total size of the property. DASK is an annual cost relevant to the size of the property.
Title Deed Transfers
Upon clearance from the military and completion of you payment schedule you'll be in a position to complete the sale and take ownership of the property. Upon payment of the title deed fees both parties and a translator (or the legal representatives) will be invited into the Title Deed office. Confirmation is made that all monies are paid and agreement of the legalities are correct and the title deeds will be transferred. Should it not be possible for you to attend you can nominate a legal representative to sign for the title deeds on your behalf. For more information on legal representatives see our legal section.
Utility Set Up
Electricity and water supply accounts can be opened with copies of the title deeds, personal identification and payment of an account deposit. Previous supply accounts must be closed and all monies owed paid. At Aegean Dream Homes this is arranged as part of our standard sales services.

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