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Altinkum & Didim

Situated on the northern side of the Aegean gulf we find the joint resorts of Altinkum and Didim. The real 2-for-1 resort, a large English community alongside its popularity of Turkish visitors. Countless English bars sit aside traditional Turkish establishments. The ancient site of Didyma contrasting the modern glamor of D-marin, the $50 million marina filled with Super-yachts and boutique spa. With affordable properties, 3 blue flag beaches, well maintained sea-fronts and large supermarkets Altinkum offers the perfect Ex-pat retreat.

Why Buy In Altınkum?

  • Offers affordable homes in various settings for every budget and need
  • Serviced by 2 airports open all year round and popular with low-cost airlines. Bodrum 90km and Izmir 120km
  • Easily accessed daily night-market means healthy, low cost living is no longer a dream
  • Fantastic public services linking all supermarkets and attractions
  • Large, welcoming Ex-pat community running clubs and events year round
  • Well linked in to other resorts and attractions

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